Temperature Controlled Showers


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FSP-Tech® manufactures safety showers for application where tempered water is required

Tempered water is required by the ANSI standard and recommended by the DIN EN standards. The logic being that a heated water supply will encourage users to stay under the shower for the recommended 15 minutes and will help avoid hypothermic shock in low ambient conditions.

Whether it be for deployment on shipping piers, railway loading areas, unheated production areas or open air tank storage: FSP-Tech offers the solution!

We manufacture a wide range of tempered safety- and eyeshowers for all applications. Different types and sizes are available.

All temperature controlled safety showers have

  • a high performance shower head constructed in accordance with DIN EN standards
  • large stainless steel ball valves with optimal diversion and stainless steel pull rod
  • a water tank with 300 litre volume or more
  • robust stainless steel piping with rock wool isolation package
  • an immersion bath heater / heating 3KW
  • a thermostatically regulated mixing valve
  • a high-quality stainless-steel panels for the framework

All temperature controlled safety showers

  • are suitable for operation in normal areas and hazardous zones 1&2.
  • Have ATEX certificates for category EX II 2G
  • Have a ATEX risk evaluation and a statement of TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service
  • Are in accordance with DIN 12 899-3, DIN-EN 15154-1 7 15154-2 and ANSI Z358.1-2009
  • are suitable for operation in hazardous areas 1&2

All temperature controlled safety showers are:

  • able to be maintained with commercially available tools and are to be repaired easily
  • completely recyclable
  • made in Germany

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