Eye/Face Wash Units


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Eye showers and eye wash bottles for industry and laboratory

Eye showers and eyewash bottles for industry and laboratory have a wide fi eld of application due to the variety of versions. The product depth allows to choose the suitable version depending on the application site:

Eye showers with bowl and lid:

  • Use at application sites subject to very dirty ambient conditions
  • Optimal visibility due to shape and size
  • Robust design
  • wall mountedandfreestandingversions

Range 15 / Page 07.04 to 07.05


Eye showers with bowl:

  • Optimal visibility due to shape and size
  • Robust design
  • wall mounted and freestanding versions

Range 15 / Page 07.04 to 07.05


Hand-held and fi xed eye showers

  • Ideal for use in laboratories and other applications
  • Ease of use ofthe hand-held versions due to operation in the bracket or hand-operated

Range 18 / Page 07.06 to 07.10


All eyeshowers feature

  • Specialspray heads with a widespread water distribution and protection against calcifi cation
  • Rubber sleeves as impact protection
  • A lid or dust cap (loss protection)
  • A fl ow regulator
  • A DVGW approval


All safety showers with bowl are equipped with stainless steel valves.
The products meet

  • EN 15154-2
  • DIN 12 899 T3
  • ANSI Z358.1

Various eye showers can be combined with body safety showers due to the modular system.


Eyewash bottles / tank eye showers

  • Ideal addition to use directly at the danger point
  • and if there is no drinking water supply
  • The products meet DIN-EN 15154-4

Range 19 / Page 07.11 to 07.12



  • Supplement to all safety shower systems
  • Protects the privacy of the user
  • Gains credence for the use of safety showers

Range 20 / Page 07.13

The products are characterized by the robust and well-thought construction. They have proven their reliability in industry and laboratory for many years.


The eye-face wash units are in accordance with DIN-DVGW and include jet regulators with flow regulation via integrated angle valve. Made in Germany!

Models with bowl but without lid are also available.

Watch an instructional video here: Video

In laboratories normally hand-held eye showers are preferred.

The hand-held eye showers have

  • a high performance spray head with optimal spraypattern
  • effective dust caps including folding hinge
  • rubber for spray heads
  • a plastic housing, signal green or grey
  • an integrated automatic flow regulator and an integrated backflow preventer

Various designs with different wall holders and table mounted versions fulfill all the users needs. The eye showers are in DVGW approved. Made in Germany!

Watch operation videos here: Video

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