• FSP-Tech® Rental Park

    Safety showers and eye showers are procured and permanently integrated into the rescue chain. FSP-Tech® offers a wide range of safety showers, eye showers and emergency tank showers for industry and plant construction.

    For applications in which safety showers are only used for a limited time or only once, we offer safety showers from our rental park, whether for a few days or longer.


    Applications for safety showers on a rental basis are included:

    • Major shutdowns
    • Construction sites with hazardous materials
    • Prototype and pilot plants


    The rental park includes:

    • tank showers
    • mobile emergency showers (also with StVO approval)
    • tank eye showers
    • free-standing, unheated safety showers



    For Germany and Benelux, safety showers are available for rent from the Essen location. Many of our foreign partners have their own rental fleets of safety showers.

    All safety showers are extensively tested and repaired after each use in order to be fit for new tasks.

    Please ask our sales department for current availability and prices,
    by e-mail info@fsp-tech.de or by telephone at +49 201 – 26 999 0.